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Aware in Care Ambassador Program

To address the need for additional education among people with Parkinson’s disease and those who treat them in every corner of the community, the Parkinson’s Foundation launched a new branch of the Aware in Care initiative in 2019 — the Aware in Care Ambassador Program.

An Aware in Care Ambassador helps distribute Aware in Care kits that serve to bolster best practices in treating patients with Parkinson’s disease to both patients and healthcare providers. 

The Primary Goals of the Ambassadors Program

Ambassadors work directly with the Parkinson’s Foundation to share the Aware in Care kit with the local communities and create connections in local hospitals to help change the culture and policies around Parkinson’s care. They educate hospitals and communities nationwide to make life better for people with Parkinson's.

Please contact us if you know someone - a friend or a family member who’s struggling with Parkinson’s.


They NEED this FREE kit. 

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