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Join us for our Parkinson’s Awareness Charity Bike Ride & Walk on April 22nd!

We are excited to announce that on April 22nd, Rock Steady Boxing NWArkansas will be hosting a Parkinson's Awareness Charity Bike Ride and Walk to raise funds and awareness for this important cause.

The bike ride will be held at Horsebarn Trailhead Park in Rogers and will include a 30-mile ride starting at 9 am, as well as other ride options (5, 10, and 15 miles) from 10-11 am.

Parkinson's disease is a debilitating neurological disorder that affects nearly one million Americans. It is estimated that more than 10 million people are living with Parkinson's disease globally. This disease not only affects the person living with it but also their family and loved ones.

Unfortunately, many Parkinson's fighters are not able to box and manage their symptoms due to financial difficulties. This year, Rock Steady Boxing NWArkansas will provide financial sponsorships to Parkinson's fighters to give them a chance to help manage the disease. With your help, we can ensure that they receive the support they need. By participating in the Parkinson's Awareness Charity Bike Ride, you will be making a difference in the life of someone who is affected by Parkinson's disease.

You may not ride a bike, and you may just want to walk a mile or so, or you want to sleep in and register by making a donation. Whatever your choice may be, your donation will change the life of a person affected by Parkinson’s disease.

Please join us on April 22nd for the bike ride or register to donate before April 22, 2023. 

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